• Preserve open space and wildlife habitat
  • Provide sportsmen and families access to woodlands areas
  • Promote a conservation ethic and wise use of natural resources
  • Improve wildlife habitat through cooperation with other conservation organizations
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Support SNLT with the purchase of a license plate. The Sportsmen’s National Land Trust is dedicated to saving land, managing wildlife habitat and providing recreation areas for the public.  Proceeds from our new MA license plate will go towards preserving and improving habitat for generations to come.



Why was The Sportsmen’s National Land Trust founded?

The explosion of a ruffed grouse exiting a tangle of briars, the distinct crunch of footsteps on frosted leaves, the thunder of a spring gobbler…. The thrill and joy of the outdoors has been experienced by generation after generation of outdoorsmen – a legacy passed down from father to son to grandson since the evolution of man.

For outdoorsmen, it’s hard to imagine a world without open spaces and wildlife habitat; a place without nature’s beauty. These wild places are important for replenishing our air and water quality and for replenishment of out human spirit, as we are all participants in the web of life on this planet.

Unfortunately, open space and access to it are becoming more and more difficult to find. Loss of habitat through development and pollution are easily recognized, but loss of access to habitat is quietly but dramatically changing the sporting landscape. Loss of access is occurring through posting of private land, acquisition and posting of land by preservation groups, redefinition of multiple use of state land where hunting is deemed to be incompatible, and so on. Even lease fees and mandatory written permission for hunting rights effectively restrict access to the majority of sportsmen.

As a result of loss of access, future generations may never get the chance to enjoy the outdoor traditions that sportsmen have cherished for centuries. Unfortunately, loss of access to quality hunting and fishing seems to be more and more common. The Sportsmen’s National Land Trust was founded to reverse this trend. Our mission is to preserve open space and wildlife habitat with guaranteed access for future generations to carry on the tradition of hunting and fishing.

We are nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation based in Massachusetts but can accept, acquire and manage land resources in all states. We are an organization of sportsmen for sportsmen helping the original conservationists in this country take the lead in resource conservation.


The mission of the Sportsmen’s National Land Trust is management of habitat for the benefit of the natural ecosystem.

We who enjoy the outdoors and the age-old American heritage of hunting, trapping and fishing face a tremendously serious challenge from many directions.

Most obviously, the growth of our population means open space is being reduced continuously to make room for more housing, shopping, schools, highways, landfills, industrial parks, and other uses.  As outdoorsmen we have little opportunity to stop the path of progress but should do all we can when we can be effective.

State, local, and federal government regulations continue to make it increasingly difficult to obtain gun permits, hunting licenses, ammunition, and hunting firearms. Although these have nothing to do with the vast majority of crime in our nation, politicians and liberal groups use tragic events to generate public support for further restrictions.

However, the largest challenge we face is preservation of open land by numerous well-funded anti-hunting, anti-fishing groups determined to put an end to these American traditions.  These groups know little about habitat management, yet they claim to protect wildlife.  They seek to buy property or place “conservation easements” on as much land as possible and immediately put permanent bans on hunting without any plan to wisely manage the natural resources.  These organizations and land trusts use phrases such as “passive uses” and “preserving land in its natural state” to disguise their objective of eliminating the outdoor heritage of sportsmen.

The mission of the Sportsmen’s National Land Trust is counter these groups by securing property or easements on which to  specifically permit hunting, fishing, trapping, and intelligent management of habitat for the benefit of the natural ecosystem.  Join us in the challenge is to keep the American heritage alive for current and future generations of sportsmen across the state and the nation.

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