The Sportsmens National Land Trust is pleased to announce that it has acquired approximately 67 acres of land in Franklin County.  The forested parcel is partially in Conway but primarily in Buckland with frontage on Bray Road.  This parcel will be open space in perpetuity and adds permanent access to over 600 acres of open land where hunting is also permitted and access is limited.  Much of the neighboring 600 acres is owned by New England Forestry Foundation, which supports hunting. 166 acres is under a Wildlife Conservation Easement given to the State of MA [known as Flagg Mountain”].  Wildlife Conservation Easements permanently protect properties and keep them open to the public for non-motorized recreation including wildlife observation, hunting, fishing, and trapping.  Buckland State Forest is also open space connected to this property but does not permit hunting at this time.

In the short term, the SNLT plans to soon set perimeter markers at the edges of the property and perform any initial cleanup necessary.  Down the road the SNLT will likely schedule a wildlife habitat improvement project in conjunction with State programs.

The SNLT is committed to preserving and improving wildlife habitat, and supporting our American outdoor heritage.  Please join us – see the HOW YOU CAN HELP tab at the top of the website.